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Updated: Oct 12, 2020

We hope everyone is safe and well!

We miss spending time in Lake Superior Provincial Park, so we're dreaming of the day we can return to its powerful landscape, smell the pines along the trails, paddle the clear, cold waters, listen to the sound of the waves, and gaze at the night skies.

What we've been up to...

  • Our magnets and stickers have arrived! We've added a new option for membership packages to our website.

  • Check out our projects page to see some the work we're so proud of. Funding LSPP's Dark Sky Preserve and a bridge on the Noisy Bay hiking trail, as well as the donation of an all-terrain wheelchair were some of the highlights from 2019! We couldn't have done these things without you, so thank you!

  • We've been thinking about reinvigorating our Adopt A Highway program, which involves a group of volunteers picking up litter along a 2 km stretch of highway south of the Agawa River. Once we know when the park will be reopened, we may put out a call for volunteers, so stay tuned!

  • We'll also update you on our other project possibilities, such as the installation of duck nesting boxes, as soon as we know more.

We love LSPP as much as you do — the coastline, cliffs, valleys, waterfalls... We'll keep sharing our love for the park in our facebook group and on instagram. Join the conversation!


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