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NET application that looks at the Windows Registry for information about the given JPG filename. If the app finds any existing registry keys for that JPG, it prompts the user to choose a different filename. The idea was to allow the user to choose a custom filename. The.NET application sets up a file stream for the JPG in the graphics viewer, and then passes the same file stream to the Image control. The control will then use the file stream to stream the image. Since the.NET application is detecting the existing registry keys, the image control will not attempt to load the image from the graphics viewer. Unfortunately, this workaround is only for a single image, and not for any number of images. The users are also left with no choice in the matter, and they cannot modify the filename in the registry. However, it was the only alternative I could think of at the time. This did not make any mention of how to handle the image sequence, so it is also not straightforward. At the time, the Image control did not expose the file streams that were returned from the graphics viewer. While this would not have been a problem for a single image, it would have been very difficult for a user to use the Image control to show multiple images. [^1]: With the exceptions of image 2 and image 3, which are smaller versions of the full-size images. Venezuela’s Chávez calls on Obama to oust Yalta dissidents January 23, 2014 - 7:52 AMT PanARMENIAN.Net - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has called on President Barack Obama to support anti-neo-colonial resistance in the South American nation, accusing the US of being part of a “global Empire” in the traditional Yalta meetings. “All the oligarchies in the world that want to live free of empire, that want to live in peace, must unite,” Chavez said. “I want to tell the president of the United States, yes I want to tell him, that now is time to support that struggle of all of the peoples and nations of the world who want to struggle against that [global] empire.” He said that Obama is facing difficulties with the Yalta Group and the so-called New World Order in the wake of the economic crisis in Venezuela, the problems with the US financial system and the regional crisis in Ukraine. “What



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