About the Friends of Lake Superior Park


The Friends of Lake Superior Park is a registered Canadian charity (#891321143) that partners with Lake Superior Provincial Park to enhance its educational, recreational, research, and resource protection activities.

Mission: Furthering the understanding of LSPP's landscape, ecosystems, and people


Vision: Mobilizing a network of people dedicated to LSPP and what it protects, ecologically and culturally


Values: diversity, equity, inclusion, accessibility, ecological integrity, sustainability, cultural awareness




To further the public’s awareness, education, and understanding of the geological, historical/archaeological and biological resources of Lake Superior Provincial Park by:

  1. Undertaking specific projects and initiatives such as the production and distribution of educational/interpretive publications, maps, audio-visual materials and other appropriate items related to Lake Superior Provincial Park;

  2. Encouraging and supporting further research of Lake Superior Provincial Park’s natural and historical resources with a view to disseminate this information to the public;

  3. Supplementing and enhancing existing park educational/interpretive and recreational programs; and

  4. Stimulating community interest and understanding of Lake Superior Provincial Park to help ensure the protection of its natural and historical resources.

Visit Lake Superior Provincial Park or check out their 2019 guide below (3.62 MB).

We are one of 24 Friends of Ontario Parks organizations. Learn more about the work of the Friends of Ontario Parks by downloading the capacity building toolkit below (8.14 MB).