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Why wilderness?

Ask those who have known it and who have made it part of their lives. They might not be able to explain, but your very question will kindle a light in eyes that have reflected the campfires of a continent, eyes that have known the glory of dawns and sunsets and nights under the stars. Wilderness to them is real and this they do know: when the pressure becomes more than they can stand, somewhere back of beyond, where roads and steel and towns are still forgotten, they will find release.”


— Sigurd Olson, Why Wilderness (1938)

Legacy Giving

Old Woman Bay (with moose) 12 Dec.JPG

When you’ve visited Lake Superior Provincial Park, you may have felt a sense of timelessness. Or standing on the rugged coastline, holding a polished pebble, perhaps you’ve felt the power of geological time. On the coastal beaches you’ve imagined past generations of people who cared for this land. Staring up at a towering white pine, you’ve felt the importance of permanently protecting the living things that make this place remarkable. You hold cherished memories of hiking a trail, or cooking dinner with loved ones at your campsite, or the quiet joy of solitude, and you’ve felt thankful for the over 75 years of dedication to developing park facilities, ensuring these experiences are available to everyone.

Being in Lake Superior Provincial Park (LSPP) connects you with a natural and human legacy — one that we cannot take for granted, and one that we must cherish. You can be part of the park's future, by leaving a gift in your will to the Friends of Lake Superior Park.


The Friends of Lake Superior Park is a registered Canadian charity (#891321143) that partners with LSPP to enhance its educational, recreational, research, and resource protection activities. Our mission is to further the understanding of the park’s landscape, ecosystems, and people. If you are considering including the Friends of Lake Superior Park in your will, your gift would help us meet our charitable objectives.

Only a small part of the park’s budget comes from provincial taxes. Your donation, no matter the size, would contribute to projects that protect and enhance LSPP — today, tomorrow, and for generations to come.

There are many options you could discuss with your lawyer, such as a bequest for a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or the residual of your estate. Other options are endowment funds, a gift of life insurance, or a gift of assets. Information on legacy giving is also available from organizations such as WillPower.

Please reach out to us if you would like more information about what we do or how your donation could be used: Thank you for considering making a lasting gift of your legacy to us, to contribute to the protection of Lake Superior Provincial Park for future generations.

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