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Past Artists in Residence

Marta Stares was Lake Superior Provincial Parl's inaugural Artist in Residence (AiR) in 2021. She is a Toronto-based artist and educator interested in painting the outdoors, especially the northern Ontario landscape. As she wrote in her Ontario Parks blog post about her AiR experience, the inspiration for her work comes from extended canoe and backcountry camping trips. During these remote excursions, she finds a deep sense of connection with water and land. She works primarily with oils and uses bold, vibrant colours, offering viewers a glimpse into what it feels like to experience Canadian wilderness. Check out her talk on our events page where she shared pieces she created during her time as AiR and explained what the experience was like. You can view more of her work on her website:

In 2022, there were two Artists in Residence at the park. Zahra Ebrahim (pictured above at left) is a participatory artist and public interest designer that works at the intersection of cities, social justice and creative practice. She currently co-leads Monumental, an organization advancing equitable outcomes for cities and communities, and amplifying the voices of the racialized leaders. For over fifteen years, she has used her participatory art and design practice to advance public conversations around critical issues, as well as using it to collaborate with communities to co-design towards better social outcomes. Zahra has taught at OCADU, MoMA, is currently an Adjunct Professor and "Urbanist in Residence" at the University of Toronto. She is the Vice-Chair of the Canadian Urban Institute, and the Board Chair for Park People. Zahra created a zine about her residency and wrote about her experience on the Ontario Parks blog.  Follow her on Instagram @zahraeb

Paige Lipsky (pictured above at right) is a photographer based in Madison, Wisconsin. Her work focuses on nature and travel. The juxtaposition between man and nature is a common theme. There’s an examination of the way mankind interacts within environments, often achieved through landscapes.

Lipsky holds BFA degrees in Photography and Art History from Savannah College of Art and Design. She has participated in group exhibits in North America, Asia, and Europe. Her solo exhibits have taken place in the United States and the Philippines. Learn more at

Our 2023 Artist in Residence was Alex Berens.  Alex  is a feral tattoo artist and illustrator from Sudbury, Ontario. As a naturalist and wildlife artist, Alex is devoted to the flora and fauna of our beloved Great Lakes and the ecoregions that surround them. Whether it has fur, fins, petals, or feathers, Alex's work aims to cultivate an attentiveness and appreciation of the natural world at all sizes and scales.  Learn more at

The Friends of Lake Superior Park is a registered charity that partners with Lake Superior Provincial Park to enhance its educational, recreational, research, and resource protection activities. We are one of 24 Friends of Ontario Parks organizations.


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